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CRP Robotics

  • Robot Manipulator and Controller

  • Special Integrated Drive-Controller for robot

  • Intelligent Sensor

  • Variant of Robot Payload

  • Suitable for Welding, Spraying, Loading and Unloading, Handling, Sorting, Assembling and other application.

Welding Application

Functional Features

  • With large working space and fast running speed, it’s suitable for welding spraying, loading and unloading, handling, sorting assembling and other application

  • The safety emergency stop board is independent of the controller, and the safety relay circuit is adopted to provide double circuit emergency stop to ensure the reliability of emergency stop.

  • The robot cables are made of special cables for flexible robots.

  • Built in three phase transformer, 380V and 200V isolation, more stable power supply.

  • Power supply requirements can be customized for different countries. Built in three phase filter can effectively improve the performance of EMC and EMI.

  • The robot body is with dual-circuit gas pipe and meets welding and handling requirements.

  • The inner diameter of 6-axis middle hole is 46mm, which can meet the installation requirements of the water-cooled gun and air-cooled gun.

  • It’s with highly flexible built-in welding cable.

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Laser Seam Tracker

Functional Features

  • Weld safely and perfectly

  • Reduce the head load

  • Increase productivity

  • Allocate the welding gun in an ideal welding position

  • Compensate production, equipment and operation tolerances

  • Reduce programming work for complex workpieces

  • Achieve consistent and reproducible connections

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