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Automation Software - RSILink

network Diagram RSILink_3.bmp
What is RSILink?
  • Automation Software and Hardware which designed by RSI Team in communicate from end of machine to CLOUD.
  • This platform included gateway to machine/ sensor, database programming and digital cloud structure design.
  • RSILink is able to show live data of machine such as material output, temperature of machine, power consumption and etc.
  • All data collect will auto divert to SQL database for query process.
  • RSILink is using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as CLOUD Platform to ensure Quality and Security of data transmission.
  • Data Transfer will encrypted by SSL encryption.
  • Production Report and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of Machine.
  • Summary daily data will  auto calculate and show at dashboard of CLOUD System.
  • Auto Reminder of System Maintenance to increase quality of machine and prevent downtime.
  • This system inclusive of Auto Alert System, it will auto generate ALERT message to customer such by using Email, Whatapps and SMS.
  • User can view cloud dashboard by using App, Laptop, and Mobile device anywhere, anytime via internet.
Key of using RSILink
  • Data Collection
    • Smart Gateway and Sensor are connected to your production line and collect data in real time directly from your machine.
  • Real-Time Dashboard
    • All your production data collected by our gateway is sent in the cloud for real time visualization and stored for later reporting.
  • Analytics Reporting 
    • Making important business decisions is hard, so relying on accurate, up to date and easy to use data facilitates your decision making process. 
  • Continue Improvement
    • By combining the analytics reporting, you will know an increase in productivity which will only continue to improve as you evolve.
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